October 10, 2019

The project redeveloped Dobbs Ferry’s 13 acre Waterfront Park, as the park was underutilized with limited, deteriorated amenities that did not meet the public’s recreational needs. Key to these improvements was the stabilization of the eroding shoreline, as many portions of the shoreline treatment and walkway were losing ground and it had become a safety hazard to those wishing to walk along the shoreline pathway. These limitations and concerns curtailed the public’s enjoyment of the Hudson River and the views of Manhattan and the Palisades afforded by the Park’s 2,300 feet of shoreline.

The work consists of a riverwalk trail, including but not limited to asphalt and decorative pavements, playground and site furniture, drainage, lighting, and landscaping improvements in the Village. The project includes the restoration of certain areas in and adjacent to the project and other related work included preparing, restoring and cleaning the park.

The public benefit includes improved access to the river, an array of water-related recreational activities that appeal to diverse ages and populations, the preservation and enhancement of scenic views and the development of a sense of place. The promotion of the area’s strong visual and physical connection to the River improves the environmental and economic value of the waterfront, building on the natural resources of the region to enhance tourism and recreation.

The shoreline was stabilized to protect the park area from soil erosion into the Hudson River. Approximately 1450 linear feet included the reconstruction of existing inadequate riprap revetment. A new composite sheet pile bulkhead was installed for the remaining 200 linear feet. A final project report on the shoreline stabilization component of the grant project was submitted and approved by the NYS Department of State.